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Procedures for medical examination of work injury recurrence

1、Provide documents related to work injury. The labor department will issue the work injury certificate, 工傷期間返工 work injury identification form, and the registration form for approval of work injury retirement, etc.

2, has not been identified work-related injuries retired staff, fill out the "risk of recurrence of work-related disabilities identification and approval form" by the employee himself by filling out the time of injury, injury and treatment development, in duplicate.

3. The enterprise insurance department organizes hospital experts to identify whether the old injury is cured and whether it is a recurrence according to the previous injury site.

Medical expenses, wages and how to calculate after a recurrence of work-related injury

If the injured employee has a recurrence of work injury and confirms the treatment, he/she will still enjoy the treatment of work injury before the recurrence, and the original wages and benefits will remain unchanged during the period of leave without pay, which will be paid monthly by the work unit.

After the period of leave without pay, if China still needs to improve the treatment, the injured employee can enjoy the treatment of work-related medical services through continuous development.

If the employee is sick or not injured on the job, the enterprise shall pay the employee sick pay or sick leave compensation in accordance with the regulations during the prescribed medical period.

One-time medical subsidy is a kind of medical protection for workers who need medical treatment after leaving the original unit due to the termination or termination of labor contract. It is a compensation for possible follow-up medical expenses.

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