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Cauliflower (genital warts or condyloma acuminatum) has a long incubation period, with an average of 2 to 3 months, or even as long as half a year. The initial symptoms are small granular protrusions and granulation, which can grow into small flower clusters if not treated. Clinically, these granulation shoots also have different colors. Although they are benign tumors, if not treated properly, the long-term 椰菜花女 of the special human papillomavirus (human papillomavirus) can increase the risk of cervical cancer and penile cancer.

Carcinogenesis: Human papillomavirus (Human papillomavirus) is one of the important causes of cervical cancer in women and penile cancer in men. Other possible cancers include laryngeal cancer and oral cancer. , Or cancer of the reproductive organs, etc. Therefore, thorough treatment is necessary to reduce future risks.

Common causes of cauliflower

Cauliflower is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by a virus. The pathogen is the human papilloma virus, which can be transmitted through the following channels:

Various sexual behaviors: The main route of transmission of cauliflower is sexual behavior, including various sexual behaviors (such as anal sex, oral sex, etc.). Unsafe sex increases the risk of infection, regardless of gender orientation. Contact with diseased tissues (wart tissues) during sexual activity increases the risk of infection. It should be noted that condom coverage does not completely prevent all skin contact, which makes prevention difficult.

Vertical infection: This infection is not common. If the mother is infected with cauliflower, the child is also at risk of getting the disease when passing through the birth canal and amniotic fluid. The lesion often appears near the newborn’s throat, also called neonatal throat cauliflower (recurrent respiratory milk protuberance), newborns often have a hoarse voice before they are discovered by their parents. The treatment is more difficult, and a very small number of cases can threaten the lives of children when they are serious.

Indirect transmission: Sharing sex toys is more common among adults, while sharing towels, underwear or swimsuits is less common among children. In the past, it was thought that adults might spread it through towels, cutlery, cups, or toilet seats. The medical profession now believes that this kind of infection is unlikely, because human papillomavirus (Human papillomavirus) mainly infects mucosal cells and it is difficult to penetrate skin cells to cause infection. Even kissing is not considered a possible form of infection.

Who is the cauliflower disease patient?

Multiple sexual partners

Unsafe sex

Sharing needles, toothbrushes and other personal equipment

Newborn mother infected with cauliflower

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