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  • Can I be reimbursed for a second...

    Procedures for medical examination of work injury recurrence

    1、Provide documents related to work injury. The labor department will issue the work injury certificate, 工傷期間返工 work injury identification form, and the registration form for approval of work injury retirement, etc.

    2, has not been identified work-related injuries retired staff, fill out the "risk of recurrence of work-related disabilities identification and approval form" by the employee himself by filling out the time of injury, injury and treatment development, in duplicate.

    3. The enterprise insurance department organizes hospital experts to identify whether the old injury is cured and whether it is a recurrence according to the previous injury site.

    Medical expenses, wages and how to calculate after a recurrence of work-related injury

    If the injured employee has a recurrence of work injury and confirms the treatment, he/she will still enjoy the treatment of work injury before the recurrence, and the original wages and benefits will remain unchanged during the period of leave without pay, which will be paid monthly by the work unit.

    After the period of leave without pay, if China still needs to improve the treatment, the injured employee can enjoy the treatment of work-related medical services through continuous development.

    If the employee is sick or not injured on the job, the enterprise shall pay the employee sick pay or sick leave compensation in accordance with the regulations during the prescribed medical period.

    One-time medical subsidy is a kind of medical protection for workers who need medical treatment after leaving the original unit due to the termination or termination of labor contract. It is a compensation for possible follow-up medical expenses.

    Can a company terminate an employment contract during an industrial accident?

    01 Kann ich den Vertrag kündigen?Erkrankt ein Arbeitnehmer an einer Berufskrankheit oder wird er nicht bei der Arbeit ve...




    質問】。]最近、あるネットユーザーから、「一昨年、職業病と診断され、その後、中国で労災と認定され、医療期間が2年になりました。 しかし、その2年後に再発してしまい、労働省や文部科学省も企業の労災防止再発として認定してくれました。しかし、療養...


    労働災害の再評価プロセスについて知っておくべきことはありますか? この記事では




  • Cauliflower complications and co...

    Cauliflower (genital warts or condyloma acuminatum) has a long incubation period, with an average of 2 to 3 months, or even as long as half a year. The initial symptoms are small granular protrusions and granulation, which can grow into small flower clusters if not treated. Clinically, these granulation shoots also have different colors. Although they are benign tumors, if not treated properly, the long-term 椰菜花女 of the special human papillomavirus (human papillomavirus) can increase the risk of cervical cancer and penile cancer.

    Carcinogenesis: Human papillomavirus (Human papillomavirus) is one of the important causes of cervical cancer in women and penile cancer in men. Other possible cancers include laryngeal cancer and oral cancer. , Or cancer of the reproductive organs, etc. Therefore, thorough treatment is necessary to reduce future risks.

    Common causes of cauliflower

    Cauliflower is a common sexually transmitted disease caused by a virus. The pathogen is the human papilloma virus, which can be transmitted through the following channels:

    Various sexual behaviors: The main route of transmission of cauliflower is sexual behavior, including various sexual behaviors (such as anal sex, oral sex, etc.). Unsafe sex increases the risk of infection, regardless of gender orientation. Contact with diseased tissues (wart tissues) during sexual activity increases the risk of infection. It should be noted that condom coverage does not completely prevent all skin contact, which makes prevention difficult.

    Vertical infection: This infection is not common. If the mother is infected with cauliflower, the child is also at risk of getting the disease when passing through the birth canal and amniotic fluid. The lesion often appears near the newborn’s throat, also called neonatal throat cauliflower (recurrent respiratory milk protuberance), newborns often have a hoarse voice before they are discovered by their parents. The treatment is more difficult, and a very small number of cases can threaten the lives of children when they are serious.

    Indirect transmission: Sharing sex toys is more common among adults, while sharing towels, underwear or swimsuits is less common among children. In the past, it was thought that adults might spread it through towels, cutlery, cups, or toilet seats. The medical profession now believes that this kind of infection is unlikely, because human papillomavirus (Human papillomavirus) mainly infects mucosal cells and it is difficult to penetrate skin cells to cause infection. Even kissing is not considered a possible form of infection.

    Who is the cauliflower disease patient?

    Multiple sexual partners

    Unsafe sex

    Sharing needles, toothbrushes and other personal equipment

    Newborn mother infected with cauliflower

    Les hommes et les femmes devraient se faire vacciner contre le VpH

    Le VpV est aussi courant qu un rhume, et les hommes comme les femmes devraient être vaccinés contre le VpH.En plus de no...




    花椰菜之所以能在會陰和肛門周圍產生和傳播,是由感染皮膚組織的人乳頭瘤病毒引起的。HpV 病毒又是如何感染人體、並產生菜花的症狀呢?菜花主要是透過性接觸而感染會陰部及肛門,依據國外研究指出,椰菜花女性活躍的男女在2 到3 年內罹患菜花的機率,...






  • Microphones are essential in meeting and KTV methods, but would you know the 4 factors of procurement?


    In order to raised clear up the problems supporters come across in their daily life regarding audio tools and devices, Silver Mall has arrange a different Q&A area. If you have any questions you want answered, we can send a private message and Silver Mall will invite some industry insiders to answer your questions.

    Today we chose this question that is often asked in the background:How do professionals choose microphones? Next we invited Wu Gong of Enping Pasigao Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. to answer this question.

    usb clip on microphone

    First: How can ordinary consumers distinguish quality and effect when buying microphones?

    1, from a visual point of view, to see whether the product design companies have a unique design teaching style, or with many similar products on the market development are we the same appearance, if the Chinese products have their own design different style and fit the consumer favorite is through a national quality indicators.

    2, microphone materials and production processes, materials generally have all-metal, metal-plastic parts mixed and all-plastic three categories, but the specific product design style, cost and process implementation difficulties to determine, usually consumers can use the actual use of the feeling to define the texture of the product.

    3, microphone key operation is relatively smooth, the key touch feels good, operational reliability is considered a superior quality product.

    4、As a consumer, the microphone sound quality is judged to be good or bad mainly by the sense of hearing.

    5, the stability of the sound transmission and the effective transmission distance of the microphone, consumers can pick the right logo products according to their own use requirements, here is not the farther the transmission distance the superior, but in the logo of the effective use of the distance of the signal without interruption, no interference, no noise is a quality product.

    Second: What are the indicators that professional users value more in a microphone?

    1、Dynamic range

    Generally speaking, the human ear can hear the minimum sound and maximum sound range is 0 to 120 decibels (dB), microphones also have a recording volume range, we call the electric frequency difference, that is, the dynamic range. Microphone parameters are generally marked as Max SPL and E.I.N (maximum sound pressure and bottom noise), the latter minus the former is the dynamic range of the microphone, for example, Max SPL 130 dB SPL and E.I.N 16 dB, so the receiving range is 114 dB. If the bottom noise is too high, the sound is weak, it must be very close to the source, otherwise it is simply impossible to record below the bottom noise Otherwise, it will not record at all. So the wider the dynamic range the better, but the price may be higher.

    2, frequency response

    We talked about the dynamic management range research mainly through the microphone can technically accept the input volume decibel range, while the frequency response (Freqency Response) refers to the microphone to different operating frequencies and the volume of the sound response. The microphone's frequency analysis response time range is between 20Hz and 20kHz, the greater the range of application of this value, the superior the microphone, in the sound of post-production effects processing will also have some help. The microphone with good frequency response, if there is a show curve, you can find the line is flat in time, that is, in most students can directly respond to the frequency of the main nearly equal radio effect, very suitable for China to include the real ambient sound. Of course, some of the microphones used to record specific ethnic instruments or vocals may have different frequency response countries, but that is another is a study of professional issues.

    3: What are the main advantages of the mainstream wireless U-segment microphones?

    1, u section, also known as uhf, is a high frequency receiver, generally defined as 500mhz-900mhz frequency, with stable, strong anti-interference ability, long receiving distance, etc. 2, the cost is more expensive, generally used for demanding occasions, suitable for unified use of multiple sets of installation, usually can be divided into multiple frequency bands, to achieve the same occasion multiple machines multi-frequency use without interference.

  • It can be accommodation. What's the primary difference between lodge and lodge?

    Insider: it is really an enormous big difference

    Lots of netizens commonly journey throughout vacations, and other people typically go out on enterprise to work. But regardless of whether it really is to journey or go on enterprise, the very first thing we've to perform should be to e book a resort on-line or guide a hotel. There are also quite a few travellers favor to ebook B & B. the primary difference concerning B & B and resort is that B & B is more humanized and more warm, which makes people today feel at home.

    It's accommodation. What is the real difference among lodge and hotel? Among the many hotel in hong kong near mtr station, Camlux is surely the first in Kowloon Bay. Book in for this beautifully curated former factory online.Insider: it truly is a major distinction

    What is actually the main difference amongst staying in a resort and staying in a resort? Experts tell you, is there a major big difference? Initially of all, the most intuitive big difference is the primary difference in price. In any case, the grade of the hotel is still higher than that of the lodge, and the hotel will be more expensive than the resort at the corresponding price. The starting price of the resort is generally over 200, and the highest price can be tens of thousands of yuan. But hotels are much cheaper, ranging from 50 to 500.

    It truly is accommodation. What is actually the real difference between hotel and resort? Insider: it can be an enormous big difference

    The price is not the same, the equipment inside must also have a big change, although said into the room is a bed, a set of tables and chairs and sofa furniture, but the quality of these furniture is certainly different,Aluminum CNC machining parts and prototype can be developed at Accurate otherwise charge very expensive price but use cheap furniture, is not afraid of customer complaints? So the furniture in the lodge will certainly be more comfortable than that in the lodge. The bed is a very important factor, because you have been tired for a whole day. If the bed can't make you feel comfortable, it can be really a loss.

    It is really accommodation. What is actually the primary difference among lodge and resort? Insider: it really is a big big difference

    But the hotel bed is not sleep, so numerous men and women will choose to stay in the lodge in order to save money. Secondly, there is a giant gap between the service of hotels and hotels. People who have lived in hotels all know that after you reserve a room on your mobile phone, you only need to register when you arrive at the hotel. The front desk service staff will tell you the room number, and then you commonly go there by yourself or the waiter will take you.

    It really is accommodation. What's the primary difference between resort and resort? Insider: it is a big variation

    Generally, the lodge attendants will not help you with your luggage, but in the resort, after you check in, the bellman will help you to deliver your luggage to your room, and then will handle some simple things for you. If you are living in a lodge, it can be useless to call the front desk when you encounter some unexpected situations. Others will only tell you wheremulti cloud Connect service allows seamless and secure connection there is a hospital nearby. But if you stay in a lodge, the front desk may arrange to send you medicine or take you to the hospital.

    It is really accommodation. What's the main difference concerning hotel and hotel? Insider: it truly is a large change

    Another point is that there is no set meal service when staying in a lodge. If you want to eat, you can only head out to eat or order takeout. But if you live in a lodge, you can find matching food provided, which has been included in your room rate. Hotel entertainment facilities are generally more comprehensive than hotels, such as mahjong, billiards and swimming and other sports, but the lodge is just lodging. Would you rather stay in a lodge or a hotel?

  • NU SKIN如新個人護理產品使用之三階段


    現象1:感覺乾燥、 輕微脫皮 原因:原來長期使用油性保養品皮膚外表會很油亮,但把皮膚原來乾燥、缺營養的現象給掩蓋了,造成皮膚挺滋潤的錯覺,使用康婷親水性的保養品,有效的營養成分被皮膚完全吸收,不會殘留在皮膚外面,而皮膚的改善需要一個週期。 建議:皮膚較乾燥技術的人短期間我們可能通過感覺乾燥。若出現這種現象更要勤於補水及敷臉。建議加強使用修護精華露+修護晚霜+活顏倍彈。

    B:反應:小疹子、小痘子、紅、腫、刺、痛、癢。 原因:nu skin 產品有兩大研發中心,多個國家地區相關行業知名的科學家,展示出色成果。市場上一般是油性保養品,容易堵塞毛孔,所以用鹼性清洗,然後用酒精或強抑菌劑進行殺菌,所以不容易產生皮膚問題。但是NuSkin的產品不含抑菌劑,內含很多有益皮膚成分,會把皮膚原來就具有的抑菌功能恢復,但需要一段時間,所以會有出現小疹子、小痘子、紅、腫、刺、痛、癢的過渡現象。 建議:建議繼續使用該產品,可以先用潔面或者保濕潔面乳加上皮膚修復精華兩周,再逐步添加其他產品,一定會恢復皮質的健康和毛孔的暢通。 現象3:黑斑變深 原因:因為美白系列或巧克力面膜游離黑色素的功能很強,但是表皮細胞需要時間來代謝,代謝週期至少需要 28 天,所以會有一陣子皮膚略顯暗沉現象。

    建議: 繼續加強使用清潔冰川泥 + 溫和擦洗或美白系列。nu skin 產品憑藉著集團專業人員的豐富知識、經驗以及才能,在皮膚、化妝品以及人類植物學領域中不斷研究和創新,產品擁有卓越的效果,又不會對皮膚造成損傷。 現象4:洗發時感覺很澀、長頭皮屑 原因:市面上含厚重油分的洗發精在洗發的過程中我們感覺更加柔順滋潤,但是會阻塞導致頭皮毛孔,滋長各種細菌,故也放了抑菌成分。但是康婷的成分很正確,會清潔頭皮毛孔,供給養分,好的天然的的洗發產品又不含抑菌成分,所以會長頭皮屑。 建議:繼續使用,使頭皮儘早恢復健康。

    階段二: 保護膜健康期 現象:皮膚滋養有光澤,充滿生命力。 居家美容儀家族加入新成員ageLOC Boost光感瞬活精華,全面覆蓋您的護膚需求,肌膚瞬活昇華,重塑年輕彈力肌指日可待。原因:皮膚已代謝完使用方法不當保養品在毛孔內的雜質和污垢,保護膜功能可以正常生產運作,恢復具有抗菌、保濕、潤滑管理等功能,所以我們皮膚滋潤、細緻、充滿發展活力。 建議:繼續使用Nu Skin產品。

    階段三: 活力青春期 比實際年齡年輕 5 至 10 歲,看不出實際年齡。 現象原因:好的天然的護膚品提供維生素、礦物質、植物營養素等全方位有益成分,能夠被皮膚充分吸收,使皮膚保持在最佳狀態。 建議:繼續使用Nu Skin產品。 為什麼用Nu Skin會有適應期? A:因保護膜不健康,毛孔阻塞又有污垢,保護膜無法抗菌又沒有外來殺菌成分,好的天然護膚品又很營養,污垢滋長細菌,就會有適應期。 2.反應:小疹子、小痘子、紅、腫、刺、痛、癢。 什麼人最易有反應? 1、常做臉者,因用油按摩,而油因為外來的推力會很容易進入毛孔,造成毛孔阻塞。 2、常用來源不好的產品。

    3、常用含油量高,號稱保濕性強的產品(如某些精華液)。 4、從不做臉、不保養者,這是錯誤的觀念,因為現代的污染太多,空氣、水質、陽光都會影響皮膚的健康。 5、常曬太陽者,因為紫外線會破壞皮膚的保護膜。 6、 胃腸不好者,因為營養不良無法到末梢。

  • 剛剛!央行發文,POS機迎來巨變 一、支付驗收終端業務的管理


    (一)銀行卡受理終端管理。 1.生產與登記。每臺銀行卡受理終端只能通過對應進行一個企業終端序列號。清算機構應要求銀行卡受理終端生產廠商(以下簡稱生產廠商)按照《中國人民銀行關於強化銀行卡受理終端安全管理的通知》(銀髮〔2017〕21號)規定,採取密碼識別技術等有效手段,確保終端序列號在出廠後不能被篡改,並向清算機構報送終端序列號、終端序列號密鑰及對應的銀行業金融機構(以下簡稱銀行)和非銀行支付機構(以下簡稱支付機構)等收單機構名稱。

    清算機構應當建立廠商評估管理機制,定期進行抽查。發現企業生產設備廠商未按要求進行生產銀行卡受理終端、報送終端序列號登記管理資訊,或存在可以協助收單機構違規問題開展移機、設置“一機多碼”、“一機多戶”等情形的,清算服務機構為了應對社會生產技術廠商採取限期整改、降低風險評估等級直至停止合作等措施。 2.收單機構布放的銀行卡受理終端應具備定位功能,並採用密碼識別等防篡改技術;3.退出。收單機構應建立一個銀行卡受理終端序列號與收單機構進行代碼、特約商戶(含小微商戶,下同)編碼、特約商戶提供統一中國社會企業信用管理代碼(小微商戶為其主要技術負責人可以有效提高身份證件號碼,下同)、特約商戶收單結算帳戶和銀行卡受理終端布放地址等五項基本資訊的唯一沒有對應客戶關係,並在需要辦理終端入網時一併報送清算組織機構。資訊交換所應當制定終端接入網絡的登記規則,並對接收機構提交的銀行卡接收終端的終端接入資訊和製造商提交的終端登記資訊進行核實。

    因大型商超、綜合便民繳費等特約商戶業務需要明道配資,收單機構可建立終端序列號與特約商戶編碼等資訊一對多或多對一關係,並將對應關係報送清算機構,由清算機構進行白名單管理。清算機構應定期核對收單機構的入網終端設備數量和登記終端產品數量,發現企業數量方面存在一些不合理差異的,應通知收單機構可以進行財務風險排查,並回饋排查結果。 調查結果未回饋或調查明顯不合理的,應採取相應的管理措施。 3.退出。收單機構與特約商戶終止銀行卡收單服務協議,要配套pos 機 申請,當然要配套品質佳的,因為品質佳的設備能夠使用的更長久,讓收錢效率更快,更安全。或特約商戶申請停用部分銀行卡受理終端的,收單機構應及時收回銀行卡受理終端,並在3個工作日內將銀行卡受理終端註銷資訊報送清算機構;確無法收回的,應採取有效措施確保銀行卡受理終端業務功能關閉,並及時向清算機構報送有關終端資訊。

    從收到銀行卡接收終端的註銷資訊到按規定重新錄入終端,清算機構應當停止為終端發起業務轉移和清算。 4.存量終端的改造或更換。發出本通知前已由結算機構接入網絡但不符合上述規定的銀行卡承兌終端,接收機構應當按照結算機構的要求進行改造或者更換。

    清算管理機構應制定入網終端進行改造或更換工作規則,要求入網收單機構於本通知下發之日起一年內可以完成技術改造或更換,逾期未完成改造或更換的,應暫停為相關資訊終端發起企業業務部門辦理轉接清算。 相關文章:

    如何選擇一臺POS機 什麼是“費率”?


    做 pos 機,怎麼選才對?

  • 愛,不分國界





    在防護工程物資管理極度發展缺乏的情況下,還有一個華人醫生把自己的口罩分給病人。“我的病人主要是沒有抵抗力低的癌症治療患者,他們可以感染新冠肺炎的幾率獲得更高。”明州Health Partner醫院腫瘤科醫生吉豔說。






    截至中國目前,明州華人醫師協會發展已經可以收到約10萬美元捐款和2.5萬件防護工程物資。 他們代表華人社區向當地15家醫院、診所和養老院捐贈了10多萬件保護材料。

    明州華人醫生協會還收到了來自十幾家醫院和診所的感謝信,無國界醫生,就是願意通過重重艱難,到現場進行緊急醫療援助、並且為其見證與發聲的人。 United Hospital的感謝信中說,“親切慷慨的中國人們正在努力保護明尼蘇達州的醫護人員,這場疫情把我們所有人真正連接在了一起。”


    有一天,李英傑在重症監護室的牆上看到一幅患者的畫,畫中是一個身著防護服的天使,還有一行字“Our Hero”。

    後來,我和協會的We Chat小組分享了這張照片,這給了我們很大的力量。 雖然在新冠肺炎中有太多的未知數,但作為醫生,我們必須始終保持與病毒作鬥爭的最佳狀態。”

  • 奶粉開封後多久喝完?









    愛他美官方說:FDA(美國藥監局),ESPGHAN(歐洲兒科胃腸病肝病和營養學學會),以及AFSSA (亞洲食品安全委員會),都有明確警告:用70度以上的水來沖調嬰兒配方奶粉會有降低奶粉營養成分的風險。而最可能受到高溫威脅的營養成分包括硫胺素,葉酸,泛酸(維生素B5),維生素C。

    奶粉企業知識大合集 | 關於中國奶粉以及那些事,看完這篇就懂了



    如果之前一直母乳餵養,寶寶剛推出嬰兒奶粉時(或者給寶寶更換奶粉品牌和數量時)可能會出現腹瀉,便秘等不適)。 這些症狀中有許多是“暫時的“。

    奶粉企業知識大合集 | 關於中國奶粉以及那些事,看完這篇就懂了

    一般看一款奶粉適不適合寶寶,要堅持給寶寶喝1-2周的時間,如果學生是因為社會適應期的腸胃不適,這些問題症狀方面都會因為在這一兩周的時間內企業逐漸開始好轉和消失。如果你沒有看到它,你必須關閉它,你必須考慮寶寶是否“乳糖未付”。 如果去醫院診斷乳糖不耐受,那就給寶寶選擇一款無乳糖奶粉。



    如果寶寶有消化不良,體重增長緩慢等。? 現食用競品:一般不建議寶寶過於頻繁的更換奶粉,但也得選擇適合寶寶的奶粉。在轉奶過程中如掌握社會科學的方法,一般不會對寶寶造成學生什麼工作不良行為影響。引導後轉奶(如從少到多/從稀到濃逐漸加入,或者奶粉和原奶粉品牌逐漸取代)。





  • 會玩的人帶家人去台灣過年!

    台灣,記憶中的一個小島。 這裏的天氣宜人,人情味濃,美食無處不在,也處處有小而充滿驚喜的故事。 由於中國文化濃厚,春節或新年去台灣是個不錯的選擇。









    4. 去花蓮聽海豚











  • 如何航空安全員是為了保護你我的安全在空中



    就像飛行員和空乘人員一樣,保安人員的工作從飛行前的准備開始。 只有安檢人員關注的是機艙內的飛機——航班飛往哪裏,是否需要“特殊照顧”旅客,是否需要特殊准備等。 安全員隨機小組按標准程序完成准備工作,並審核安全應急預案後,登上飛機,各司其職,忙得不可開交。









    航空服務專業怎麼樣 ?



  • 脫毛膏去腿毛好嗎

    脫毛膏對一些愛美的人來說可能不是很奇怪,因為很多人會讓自己的形象看起來更完美。 脫毛膏現在市面上銷售的品種繁多,而且身體的每個部位都是不同的脫毛膏,那么在平時生活中可以直接選擇一些脫毛膏來去除腿部毛發嗎?? 腿上的頭發會長得更有力嗎? 接下來,讓我們看看我們是否可以選擇脫毛膏在我們的正常生活中去除腿部頭發會對我們的健康造成一些不良影響,讓我們看看。










    再也不要了! 10揭、脫毛方法


    如何進行脫毛不再長土方法 介紹這三種研究方法可以給你

  • 教你如何快速消除頸部皺紋






    所以Dream Beauty Pro特設冰感凍齡修護,配合冰極頭,冷熱衝擊肌膚,快速將養份鎖緊,令肌底水潤充足之餘,即時回復光澤.

    三. 使用維生素C按摩頸部



    選用溫和型的去角質產品,塗抹在頸部,按環的方式自下而上輕輕按摩,頸部靠近耳後位置,還要徹底清潔,再用清水清洗.. 每周1-2次.. 這可以使頸部變得發亮,防止頸部線條。







  • 尖銳濕疣如何調理





    保證規律飲食以增強免疫力,避免經常感染黴菌,應少吃澱粉,糖和刺激性食物如酒,辣椒,多吃含有蛋白質的食物,多吃新鮮果蔬.. 多喝水。











  • Graphene masks were born, 200,000 per day, concept stocks may detonate


      As early as April 2, the concept of graphene has risen rapidly. As of the close of midday, Baichuan's daily limit rose, Xinwanda rose more than 7%, and shares of Del, Fonda Carbon, China Electric, Huali Family and other stocks all increased in varying degrees. .

      On the news, according to the Beijing Daily, a reporter from Beijing Institute of Technology learned yesterday that graphene, a startup in the Science and Technology Park of Zhongguancun Science and Technology and the Aviation Industry Institute of the North District of China Aviation Development Corporation, has successfully developed antibacterial and breathable technology advantages. The sex is better, when using the new mask, graphene is over 48 hours long.

      Researchers from China Aviation Development and Aeronautical Materials Institute introduced that graphene masks are a new type of graphene polypropylene meltblown cloth used as a key information filtering layer between spunbond non-woven fabric enterprises that form a common mask. material. Compared with other common masks, the new graphene masks have certain characteristics such as strong antibacterial properties, better breathability, and longer use time.

      Graphene, as a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial, can form a natural 'nano knife' on the melt spray cloth. Under natural respiration, it can destroy the cell wall of bacteria and play a good bactericidal effect. Technology demonstration. In addition, because of the one-way air permeability function of the graphene melt spray, it is better than the traditional melt spray. In terms of use time, the effective use time of traditional masks is 4 hours, and the filtering function will be significantly reduced after 4 hours. The new graphene mask has been used for more than 48 hours. After 48 hours of continuous wear, the filtering efficiency of the new graphene mask is only reduced by 4% ..

      Beijing Institute of Technology, director of Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center and director of graphene Wang Xudong's technology, revealed that there are currently 2 million new graphene mask production lines with a daily capacity of 2 million vehicles.

      Graphene is currently in the primary education stage of development and application in China, but it has great potential for analysis and application in biomedicine, solar cells, composite structural materials, batteries, supercapacitors and biosensors. Some organizations can predict that the scale of the traditional Chinese graphene market economy will remain at a growth rate of more than 60% in the next three years. By 2021, the market demand scale will reach 1.122 billion yuan, and the prospect is also very broad.