Graphene masks were born, 200,000 per day, concept stocks may detonate


  As early as April 2, the concept of graphene has risen rapidly. As of the close of midday, Baichuan's daily limit rose, Xinwanda rose more than 7%, and shares of Del, Fonda Carbon, China Electric, Huali Family and other stocks all increased in varying degrees. .

  On the news, according to the Beijing Daily, a reporter from Beijing Institute of Technology learned yesterday that graphene, a startup in the Science and Technology Park of Zhongguancun Science and Technology and the Aviation Industry Institute of the North District of China Aviation Development Corporation, has successfully developed antibacterial and breathable technology advantages. The sex is better, when using the new mask, graphene is over 48 hours long.

  Researchers from China Aviation Development and Aeronautical Materials Institute introduced that graphene masks are a new type of graphene polypropylene meltblown cloth used as a key information filtering layer between spunbond non-woven fabric enterprises that form a common mask. material. Compared with other common masks, the new graphene masks have certain characteristics such as strong antibacterial properties, better breathability, and longer use time.

  Graphene, as a two-dimensional carbon nanomaterial, can form a natural 'nano knife' on the melt spray cloth. Under natural respiration, it can destroy the cell wall of bacteria and play a good bactericidal effect. Technology demonstration. In addition, because of the one-way air permeability function of the graphene melt spray, it is better than the traditional melt spray. In terms of use time, the effective use time of traditional masks is 4 hours, and the filtering function will be significantly reduced after 4 hours. The new graphene mask has been used for more than 48 hours. After 48 hours of continuous wear, the filtering efficiency of the new graphene mask is only reduced by 4% ..

  Beijing Institute of Technology, director of Beijing Graphene Industry Innovation Center and director of graphene Wang Xudong's technology, revealed that there are currently 2 million new graphene mask production lines with a daily capacity of 2 million vehicles.

  Graphene is currently in the primary education stage of development and application in China, but it has great potential for analysis and application in biomedicine, solar cells, composite structural materials, batteries, supercapacitors and biosensors. Some organizations can predict that the scale of the traditional Chinese graphene market economy will remain at a growth rate of more than 60% in the next three years. By 2021, the market demand scale will reach 1.122 billion yuan, and the prospect is also very broad.



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